Wesley's Cornhole Supplies


 I just want to start by saying, thank you to those who helped me get started. The first is the bogus cornhole supplier on eBay; due to his/her faulty bags I started to make my own. Second is the person I was playing when I had my bags on the court and he was impressed with how they were stitched. He told me “man you should start making these bags and selling them”. Well now that I took his advice I am one of the better cornhole bag maker in the US. Not to mention that I have shipped my bags to troops in Iraq, a few Military bases, Police , Fire Departments, Doctors, Dentists, Bars, Restaurants, churches and for all of my bags that are out there right now thank you for allowing me to supply all families and friends to enjoy the game we call "CORNHOLE"

Take the kids outside and have some backyard FUN or get them a set so there not just in front of the TV!

What I provide is a guarantee on all my bags. And since I have started it’s been one of the best things I can provide to the avid cornholer. I hope that if you purchase a set off of me that your 100% satisfied with your order, and if not I want to make it that way by your input I can't make everything better, but i sure can try.... thank you for your time and I hope to help you with the supplies I offer!